MEXT Scholarships


MEXT Undergraduate Scholarship for 2022

Notice for All Applicatns(The Result of Interview)

For details on recruitment, please refer to the following guidelines:

Category Undergraduate
Level Undergraduate level leading to Bachelors Degree
Age Applicants, in principle, must be born on or after 2 April, 1997
Fields of study 1. Social Sciences and Humanities 

Social Sciences and Humanities - A

1. Law 2. Politics 3. Pedagogy 4. Sociology 5. Literature 6. History 7. Japanese Language 8. Others (excluding "1. Economics" and "2. Business Administration" in Humanities B.)

Social Sciences and Humanities - B

1. Economics 2. Business Administration

2. Natural Sciences

Natural Science A

Science (1. Mathematics 2. Physics 3. Chemistry)

Electric and Electronic Studies (4. Electronics 5. Electrical Engineering 6. Information Engineering)

Mechanical Studies (7. Mechanical Engineering 8. Naval Architecture)

Civil Engineering and Architecture (9. Civil Engineering 10. Architecture 11. Environmental Engineering)

Chemical Studies (12. Applied Chemistry 13. Chemical Engineering 14. Industrial Chemistry 15. Textile Engineering)

Other Fields (16. Metallurgical Engineering 17. Mining Engineering 18. Maritime Engineering 19. Biotechnology)

Natural Science - B

Agricultural Studies (1. Agriculture 2. Agricultural Chemistry 3. Agricultural Engineering 4. Animal Science 5. Veterinary Medicine 6. Forestry 7. Food Science 8. Fisheries)

Hygienic Studies (9. Pharmacy 10. Hygienics 11. Nursing)

Science (12. Biology)

See the Qualifications and Conditions listed in the Guidelines
* Preference will be given to candidates with Japanese Language proficiency
Term of scholarship A grantee who studies at a preparatory educational institution prior to enrolling in a university:
From April 2022 to March 2027 (Including one-year preparatory intensive courses of the Japanese language and other subjects, which are necessary for the preparation to proceed to the university.) For a scholarship grantee majoring in medicine, dentistry, veterinary medicine, or a six-year course in pharmacy, the scholarship period will be seven years, until March 2028.

A grantee who enrolls directly in a university, without the preparatory intensive courses (direct placement):
Four years (or six years for the one majoring in medicine, dentistry, veterinary medicine, or in a six-year course in pharmacy). The scholarship period will start from the time of enrolment in the university, which the university designates.
Allowance 117,000 yen (Approx. Rs.82,978) per month
Traveling Expenses Round-trip airfare will be provided
Application Documents and Forms *Application Closed

Application documents are described in the guidelines
[Forms] *Do not use forms for previous years.
Application form
Certificate of Health
Sample Format of Recommendation Letter (Since board examination is postponed a separate detailed recommendation letter [free format] from your current school shall be used to assess the candidates.)  
Direct Placement Preference Form * Only for applicants desiring direct placement.
*The copies of original marksheets or certificates are acceptable, but they must be signed by the school/university attended and certified as genuine.
Where to send the completed forms and Where to contact (Where to send)
Consulate General of Japan, Mumbai
No.1 M.L. Dahanukar Marg, Cumballa Hill, Mumbai 400026

Please note that applications need to be send by post or courier.
We do NOT accept applications sent by Email.

(Where to contact)
Ms. Apoorva Shenoy (Culture and Information section)
Phone: +91-22-2351-7101
Email: (For inquiry only.)
Schedule of the First Screening Application Deadline (must): 28 May 2021
Application Screening: in June 2021
Notification of Shortlisted Candidates for Written Test/Interview (on this page): in June 2021
Written Examination : 17 July 2021
Interview: To be announced
Notification of the Results of the First Screening: Early August 2021
*Owing to the ongoing situation related to COVID-19, the process of screening or the date of examination may change, or cancel the recruitment.
Past Examination questions are available!
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