Chief Consul Mr. Sato’s attendance to Kikkoman Promotion Event

On November 18th, Chief Consul Mr. Sato participated in a Kikkoman promotion event (Kikkoman Honjozo Chefs Connect) held at a restaurant in Mumbai. Soy sauce tasting and Indian food using soy sauce were offered at this event. Chief Consul Mr. Sato while speaking about Kikkoman's overseas expansion also said that he hoped that Japanese foods such as soy sauce would be accepted in India as a part of the daily life.

Chief Consul Mr. Sato during his address (left),  Mr. Kosato - representative of Kikkoman India (middle), Mr. Prashant Issar – Director, Stratix Hospitality – Ishaara (right) (Photo Credits:Kikkoman India)

Mr. Kosato - representative of Kikkoman India (Photo Credits:Kikkoman India)

Soy Sauce Tasting at the Venue (Photo Credits:Kikkoman India)