The Consul-General’s Commendation to Mr. Raghu Mody and Mr. Ashok Hinduja(The Promotion of Economic Ties)

Consul-General Harada awarded the Consul-General’s Commendation(※) to Mr. Raghu Mody and Mr. Ashok Hinduja who have contributed to the promotion of economic ties and economic development between Japan and India.
We hope that they will continue to play an important role in Japan-India economic relations.
1) Mr. Raghu Mody –Chairman of J.L. Morison(India) Ltd, Executive Chairman of Hindustan Composites, Chariman of Rasoi Ltd  (Awarded 5 February, 2021)
2) Mr. Ashok Hinduja – Chairman, Hinduja Group of Companies (India) (Awarded 14 February, 2021)
*Listed in chronological order
The Consul General's Commendation is given to recognize individuals or groups that have made significant contributions to the friendship and mutual understanding between Japan and India.
Reasons for the Commendation
1. Mr. Raghu Mody
Mr. Raghu Mody, Chairman of J.L. Morison Ltd, has been actively engaged in transactions with Japanese companies since 1987 when he became the chairman of the company. J L. Morison has signed a license agreement for hair color products with a Japanese company (Hoyu co., ltd.). J.L. Morison has taken charge of manufacturing and distribution of the hair color products in India, and he is committed to the spread of Japanese brands and the development of the Japanese-Indian economy in India.
2. Mr. Ashok Hinduja
Mr. Ashok Hinduja, Chairman of the Hinduja Group of Companies (India), has been actively engaged intransactions with Japanese companies. Ashok Leyland, the flagship Hinduja Group company, has been bestowed with The Deming Award for excellence in manufacturing at its plants. It is the first CV manufacturer, outside of Japan, to have won this prestigious recognition. Earlier, it had signed a collaboration agreement with a Japanese company (Hino), and the Japanese company has contributed to strengthening its competitiveness by utilizing the company's procurement base and has thus contributed to the development of the Japan-India economy.
Photographs of the ceremony
1. Mr. Raghu Mody

Mr. Raghu Mody receiving the award

Mr. Raghu Mody receiving the award

Mr. Raghu Mody receiving the gift

Mr. Raghu Mody and Consul-General Harada with national flags

Mr. Raghu Mody with Consul-General Harada

Mr. Raghu Mody with the Hina Dolls

2. Mr. Ashok Hinduja

Mr. Ashok Hinduja receiving the award

Consul-General Harada offering congratulations

Mr. Ashok Hinduja giving an acceptance speech

At the venue (venue in the background of the photo)

Mr. Ashok Hinduja and Consul-General Harada engaging in pleasantries (far right: Ms. Harsha Hinduja who received the Consul-General’s Commendation on the same day)