CG Harada’s attendance to Kikkoman India Media Launch

On 10th February, Consul-General Harada participated in Kikkoman India Media Launch in Mumbai. Around 50 people (Mr. Mogi – Director, Executive Corporate Officer, International Operations Division, Kikkoman Corporation, Mr. Kozato - representative of Kikkoman India, and various people from the restaurant and wholesale industry) participated in this event. Famous chef, Mr. Vicky Ratnani, served a dish he cooked using Kikkoman’s soy sauce.
Mr. Mogi hoped that more Indian people would become familiar with Kikkoman’s soy sauce.
Consul-General Harada said that he hoped to see Kikkoman’s success and growth in India.
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Consul-General Harada addressing to the audience (Photo Credits:Kikkoman India)

Mr. Mogi (center), Mr. Kozato(right-most) and Consul-General Harada(Photo Credits:Kikkoman India)