List of Official Holiday for 2022

2022 Official Holiday
Date Day Name of Holiday
3rd January Monday New Year Holiday
26th  January Wednesday Republic Day
1st  March Tuesday Mahashivratri
18th March Friday Holi
14th April Thursday Mahavir Jayanti
15th April Friday Good Friday
3rd May Tuesday Ramzan Id(Id-Ul-Fitr)(Shawal-1)
16th May Monday Buddha Purnima
18th July Monday Marine Day
15th August Monday Independence Day
31st August Wednesday Ganesh Chaturthi
19th September Monday Respect-fot-the-Aged Day
5th October Wednesday Dussehra
24th October Monday Diwali, Laxmipujan
8th November Tuesday Gurunanak Jayanti
23rd November Wednesday Labor Thanksgiving Day 
29th December Thursday Year-end Holiday
30th December Friday Year-end Holiday