Information for Learning Japanese Language

1) JF Japanese E-learning: Minato
    Please click here for detailed information

2) The Japanese-Language Proficiency Test(JLPT)
    Please click here for detailed information

3) Portal for learning Japanese NIHONGO eな
    Portal for Learning Japanese is a site dedicated to introducing all kinds of websites and online tools useful for studying Japanese!

4) Erin's Challenge! I can speak Japanese ! The Japan Foundation
    The following website has been compiled based on the DVD teaching material "Erin's Challange! I can speak Japanese." for Japanese learners using the Internet.

5) Japanese in Anime & Manga
    This is an e-learning site that offers a fun way to learn a number of character/genre-based Japanese expressions that appear in anime and manga.

6) Japan Foundation Program
    The Japan Foundation carries out its programs and activities in the following three major categories: 1) Art and Cultural Exchange, 2) Japanese-Language Education Overseas, and 3) Japanese Studies Overseas and Intellectual Exchange. (Japanese,  国際交流基金公募プログラム 日本語)