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People who wish to apply for the job should follow these instructions:

  • Fill up ALL the columns on the "Application Form" as much as possible and save as your name. (The file name should be your fullname and filename extension.(i.e. "NaotoKan.xls")
    Download the Application Form from: http://www.mumbai.in.emb-japan.go.jp/en/information/bosyuu/201105_application_form.xls
  • Send the Application Form and photograph which is meets the following standards to cgojm8@gmail.com.
  • The subject of the E-mail should be "JOB_" and your fullname.(i.e. "JOB_NaotoKan")

About standards of a photograph.

Application Photo

Other instructions about a photograph for application, include the following.

* Picture should be easily identifiable
* Photographed an applicant in person
* Photographed within 6(six) months before application
* The front, no hat, no background
* The photo should be in color, but must have only a white background. Photos with dark or patterned backgrounds will not be accepted.
* The photo should be sent in JPEG (digital photography image)file which 300 pixel × 300 pixel size (without edge) with Exif data. (The file name should be your fullname and filename extension.(i.e. "NaotoKan.jpg")


    Only short-listed applicants will be contacted for the Examination (college level) / Interview.
    No telephonic enquiries will be entertained.