Contact Address

Contact Address:
Consulate-General of Japan, Mumbai
No.1, M. L. Dahanukar Marg,
Cumballa Hill, Mumbai 400026, India
Telephone: (91-22) 2351-7101
Fax: (91-22) 2351-7120 (Board)
Fax: (91-22) 2351-7122 (Visa Direct)

Emergency Contact Address:
In case of emergency (including on Saturday and Sunday and on holiday and in the night), please call our representative number (91-22) 2351-7101

Enquires regarding visa matter will be attended by phone. Please go through the visa information in advance, especially read the following information site, " " thoroughly. Sending visa related documents through e-mails is not entertained.

Opening and closing time:

Opening and closing time : Monday to Friday (excluding holidays) 9 hours to 13 hours/14 hours to 17:45 hours

Visa Counter: Monday to Friday (excluding holidays) 9:30 hours to 13 hours

Consular Counter: Monday to Friday (excluding holidays) 9:30 hours to 13 hours/14 hours to 17:30 hours

Official Holidays

For Consulate-General of Japan, Mumbai Map, please click on the link given below

Enter from Pedder Road, the location is along M. L. Dahanukar Marg Road

Map of Consulate General of Japan, Mumbai


Parking facility:

There are no parking facilities in the Consulate.